Hamlet has spiralled into a deep depression and is hell bent on self destruction. As a result he now lives in daily oblivion. But are his feelings fair and justified, or is he trapped in an addictive cycle of procrastination and self-pity?

A modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's masterpiece.
Set in 2018 within the dysfunctional dynamic of a family run pub, and staged in a site specific, immersive pub environment, the self destructive themes of the play are brought vividly to life whilst fully retaining the complexity of Shakespeare's language.

A challenge for the actor and the audience alike, and incorporating modern music and dance, this production may not be suitable for those younger than 14.

This is the first production that our company of Actors have performed for the public and we are delighted to be making our debut in the biggest theatre and arts festivals in West and East Sussex respectively. We are also extremely excited to also be taking the production to the Camden Fringe in August.


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