These classes will help to build confidence in less experienced classical actor in three ways:

Firstly they will form and solidify your core vocal skills. At the beginning of each session new exercises will be taught which will start to embed core technique to improve your speech, breath and voice.

The best way to put these techniques is to practise them actually using the language of Shakespeare. This will present tough vocal challenges but will begin to underpin your early development as a classical actor.


Secondly, an  understanding, and skilled delivery of the verse in Shakespeare is imperative if you wish to master his work. This familiarity with the language will inform the decisions you make as an actor, regarding both your characters thought processes and resultant behaviour.

Thirdly, once a basic level of vocal ability is established, we proceed to integrate movement with the text. This brings motivation, character choices and stagecraft into focus. Working within small groups, this will free you up as an actor and allow you to be creative and take risks with your expression of Shakespeare. 

These classes will give you the technique and insight into how to approach the verse with confidence and clarity. With detailed help, you will develop your delivery of Shakespeare's language so that it becomes naturally fluid and coherent. 

Week One: Introduction to the course and overview of Shakespearean verse 

Week Two: Introduction to blank verse

Week Three: Making choices between verse and naturalism

Week Four: Detailed work on blank verse monologues

Week Five: Detailed work on blank verse duologues

Week Six: Looking at verse and intention in larger scenes 

Week Seven: Working on monologues within Hamlet 

Week Eight: Working on group scenes within Hamlet 

Week Nine: Final Performances and feedback

Week Ten: Final Performances and feedback