Our courses are only once a week spread over ten weeks so that they can be taken alongside other courses of study or work commitments. They are detailed from the beginning but are designed to be simple enough to be can be dropped in and out of if required.


Finding the connection between motivation, thought, breath and action is the focus of all our training. The classes have therefore been arranged in such a way to challenge our actors development as gradually and effectively as possible. 


Course One (Autumn):

We begin in our classes by integrating essential technique for speech, breath and voice, using the words of William Shakespeare. This is for two reasons:

1) The earlier you begin to practice your technique with personal exercises the quicker you will develop control of the diaphragm and improve diction. Without question the greatest test of this is speaking the challenging text of Shakespeare.  It is of great benefit to have these skills embedded by the time we look closer at naturalism in the next course.

2) We are also aware that anyone applying for drama school will need to provide a Shakespeare monologue and so the sooner they start working on perfecting their understanding and delivery of it the better their chances of success.

Course Two (Winter):

This course will bring more focus on finding ways to develop a character through more physical techniques and also take a closer look at working on relationships within a text.

These will be of great help to those wanting to explore both the internal and external ways we understand our character and how actors can begin to take creative risks together before finalising a performance.

These classes will tie in very closely with the first production that the company will put on that year in the spring, and they will also really begin to piece together each actor's understanding of their own preferences when it comes to creating a performance.

Course Three (Spring):

A shorter course designed to take a deeper look at how authentic naturalism is achieved focused absolutely on motivation and objective, being in the moment, and acting and reacting truthfully.

Involving elements of improvised character work and creating the world of the play these classes will be of an advanced nature for those wanting to delve deeper into the actors emotional connection to a character.

This course will lead into the summer production of a more modern play where these techniques will be required and very much put the test.

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